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How to get the Diamond ring of your dreams

When a man loves a woman, he would do anything to keep her. He would cherish her, he would treat her with respect, and if he is more of a conventional type of person, he would ask her to marry him. Some of them would go great length to come up with various romantic proposal scenarios, and some of them would just ask your hand in marriage, as frivolous as they are asking you to pass the bread. And this is when the engagement ring enters the scene: beautiful diamond engagement ring embellished with green emeralds (this is my dream, you can imagine your dream ring) reflecting its beauty all over the room. You tearfully say yes, and you live happily ever after. Anyhow, you wake up the next morning (the day after the proposal) and you go straight in front of the mirror and flaunt your hand. You think of ways how to make motions with your left hand so the ring would be more noticeable. What I love about diamond engagement rings is they are great conversation starters. People would simply start talking about the diamond ring of Jennifer Aniston, the princess cut diamond engagement rings Richard Burton gave Elizabeth Taylor (see, I wrote rings, one for each time they were married), and then is when every woman starts describing her dream engagement rings Diamond Rings.

How to get the diamond ring you want: scenario 1
If you know that you have found the men of your dreams and all you need is the dream diamond rings, but you do not want to ruin your own surprise by choosing the ring with him, you can do this. Let’s say the two of you are out and you are simply roaming the streets. Use your women persuasive powers and lure him into a jewelry quarter (every city has one, it doesn’t have to be the famous Birmingham Jewellery quarter) under the false pretense you want to look some diamond earrings. While you are in the store, scan the diamond engagement rings and comment on those you find most beautiful. This way you are doing the both of you a favor. You would spare him the agony of spending hours and trying to come up with the right engagement ring and you would ultimately get your dream ring. Believe me, works like a charm Diamond Ring.

How to get the diamond ring you want: scenario 2
If you are a girl who is more into simple things, like plain platinum engagement ring with no diamond embellishment, and you dread the idea of wearing a big heart diamond cut engagement ring, the next time you flip a magazine and you notice a ring like that, make sure to mention this to your significant other. Just say something like this: “I think that the simple platinum engagement rings are the best rings for engagement” Diamond Engagement Rings

How to get the diamond ring you want: scenario3
In the end, if you know you will be presented with a ring which has been in the family for many years (and you are flattered but not fond of the idea), you can talk with him the possibility of embellishing the ring with some other minor precious stones and learn to love this new custom made engagement ring  Diamond Engagement Ring.

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